Community Council


December 11, 2019

Time: 6:00pm

In Attendance

Michael LaBounty, Principal Curtis Jensen, Margaret Hess, Alishia Huefner, Angela Ross, Sonja Delaney, James LaBounty, Chris LaBounty

Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes from the October 9, 2019, meeting was made by Michael LaBounty. The motion was seconded by Curtis Jensen. Minutes were unanimously approved.

Principal Update

The student body officers had the opportunity to report to the school board on the programs they are supporting for a positive school culture. The programs they chose include angel tree for Christmas, breakfast club and village kids. They also want to work toward having the Wapiti store open during breakfast club so kids have more opportunities to turn in tickets for rewards.

TSSA and Land Trust

New teachers are benefiting from the instructional coaching.

Standard based grading is becoming best practices across the country and teachers are working toward implementing the 4 point scale grading. Standard based grading represents mastery education where students can be evaluated to show a level of mastery before moving on to subsequent information. Without “mastery” the student is given additional support to attain the level needed to move on. One resource for teachers has been Marzano Standard Based Grading – Professional Learning Communities that Work.


The SNAP Plan dated 2/12/19 was circulated. The main concerns were discussed; those being not enough light at 9800 South and Elk View Drive, multiple commercial entrances along the walking path of River Heights Drive, and the upcoming UDOT work on 104th and Bangerter.

The improvements made in the Elk Ridge’s parking lot with the sidewalk and more controlled driving paths seem to be making things safer at the school.

Counseling Center

8th grade PCCR’s – the assigned times to meet with students and their parents seem to be working well. It has gone back and forth from groups at night to individuals appointments.
7th grade Career day – need about 90 total volunteers to come in and describe what they do for their jobs; they will present 3 times
8th grade Job Shadow – students will be excused when they complete information about what they did during the day
9th grade JATC assembly and CTSO Workshops – hoping to get longer sessions with potential hands-on experiences

Next Meeting

February 19, 2020, at 6:00 p.m.
Was rescheduled to February 26, because of scheduling with something at the middle school.

Motion to adjourn was made by Michael LaBounty, seconded by Sonja Delaney, and unanimously approved.

Attach: SNAP