Community Council


February 26, 2020

Time: 6:00pm

In Attendance

Michael LaBounty, Angela Ross ,Principal Curtis Jensen Kim Wimmer, Margaret Hess, Beckie Bearden ,Alishia Huefner, James LaBounty

Movement of Meeting

Because of other events at Elk Ridge, the meeting originally scheduled for February 16th was delayed to February 26, 2020. 

Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes from the December 11, 2019, meeting was made by Margaret Hess. The motion was seconded by Alishia Huefner. Minutes were unanimously approved.

Principal Update

There is a plan to expand ALPS teaching to include classes at additional schools. Elk Ridge will move to add approximately 75 students, or 3 classes, to include English, science and social studies. Math will be tested separately. The school has been provided extra FTE for teachers. Master Schedules are being created with the district office for next year’s registration. 


The new SNAP plan dated January 16, 2020, was reviewed and approved. The main issues addressed were East of 4000 West between Skye Drive and 9000 South, East of 4000 West between Skye Drive and 10200 South, West of 4000 West, East of 4000 West and south of 10200 South. Concerns include upcoming construction on 10400 South that moves traffic to 9800 South in front of the school, especially with only one exit that backs up the whole parking lot. UDOT.utah has intersection updates. Motion to approve SNAP plan was made by Michael LaBounty and seconded by Beckie Bearden. Motion unanimously approved. 

Land Trust Plan

Utah School Report Cards are to represent increases in English, math & science. Data is analyzed within same group as well as grade to grade. Plan for Teacher Student Success Act (TSSA) to be submitted in March. The Land Trust Plan will also be finalized for review in March.

Counseling Center

Job interviews for the 9th graders went well, with 51 people helping students. 7th grade registration emails are a great way to contact the counselors. The female empowerment group is working with a liason from the district office. The monthly service activity focused on treats for teachers and knit loom hats. 9th grade PCCR focused on Utah Futures website.

Next Meeting

March 25, 2020, at 6:00p.m. 

Motion to adjourn was made by Curtis Jensen, seconded by Beckie Bearden, and unanimously approved.