Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Skylert: Registration & Important Dates

Happy Monday, Everyone!

It’s been a busy and eventful week, so here are a few of the highlights. Please remember that this information will change as we get input and refine the process.

  • ERMS Registration in Skyward will open on August 5th. Read this post and visit our registration page for more information. You’ll also find information there about joining our school community council and PTSA student ambassadors. Student government elections will be held after school gets underway.
  • The start of school has been delayed a week for students
    • August 24th for 7th graders (half day)
    • August 25th for 8th & 9th graders (7th graders come this day as well)
    • Busing for Fridays will be available on a modified running schedule. More information to follow
    • If you would like to request busing and are not currently in an area where busing is provided, you must contact the school to request a space available permit by August 14th
    • The start date for employees remains the same (Aug. 10th for teachers)
  • There’s a plan explaining how the district is approaching things here. The most important points are:
    • School will be in-person M-Th
    • Fridays will be for intervention, enrichment, planning, etc. Students will be able to come in-person between 9:50 am – 12:30 pm (likely by appointment) to work with teachers in small groups. Virtual appointments can also be made in the afternoon between 1:00 pm -2:50 pm.
    • Students can learn completely online, partly online, or in-person
      • Requests for online and partial schedules were due July 31st
      • If you are coming in-person only, you did not need to request anything or fill out the form
  • We will be releasing a summary of school-specific COVID-related assurances soon. All school plans will fit within state and district guidelines, but will offer more specifics.
  • We have a new website (same address) with much more of this information in much greater detail
  • If you would like to test out of reading, the last day to come in before school is tomorrow from 9 am to 12 pm. Please wear a mask and maintain social distance.

We know you will have a lot of questions, and we are working quickly to get answers. If you want to send us a question, just reply to this email or send it to and we’ll get you an answer. We have also started a FAQ page on the website for common questions and answers. Don’t see a question you need, just submit it and we’ll find out. 

We’re excited to see all of your faces (or at least the part of your faces we can see from behind a mask 😉