COVID-19 Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Skylert: Angel Tree Extra Opportunities, Permits

Angel Tree

Our deadline to get things collected for the Angel Tree is this Wednesday. If you’re looking to do more than just what your class has signed up for, you can go here to pick up what still needs to be covered. Thank you for your generous support, and we love that kids in our community will have a Christmas.


Just a reminder that the permit window is now open. You don’t need a permit if you are in DLI or ALPS, or if you are already attending Elk Ridge. To be considered for the first round of the lottery, please make sure you apply before the end of December. Visit this FAQ for more.

The Benefits of a Positive COVID Test

Getting coronavirus is not good in any scenario. However, we want to remind anyone who thinks they might have it that a positive test allows the student to avoid quarantine for 90 days. The test must be confirmed through the health department to count, and an antibody test doesn’t work. This means you have to get the positive test in a timely fashion and not weeks after getting sick. 

We’ve had instances where the entire family gets sick, but only one person gets tested. The rest of the family is presumed positive if they develop symptoms, but that unfortunately doesn’t work for avoiding quarantine in the future. A positive test is the only way. If you do get a positive test result, please notify the school so that we don’t quarantine your student from future exposures. You don’t need documentation for a positive result, as we confirm all positives and negatives with the health department. We don’t need documentation for a negative result either, unless you are hoping to return from quarantine earlier than the 10-day mark.

It’s also important to remember that if you are getting tested and don’t have symptoms but have a confirmed exposure, it’s recommended that you wait until the 7th day after the last date of exposure in order to maximize chances of getting an accurate result.