COVID-19 Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Upcoming Career Activities, UDOT Updates, & Surveys

We are nearly to Spring Break, and we hope you all are geared up for the quarter to end this Thursday as well. As always, we encourage you to communicate with teachers and check grades before the term ends and grades are finalized. Also, the School Board has approved Lagoon for 9th graders (with precautions) and increased capacity at in-person performances (again, with precautions). More information on both of these topics will follow as we get it.

In this Skylert, you’ll find updates on:

  • Student Surveys
  • Volunteer Opportunities & Upcoming Career Activities
  • Bangerter Construction

Student Surveys

We have two surveys in progress this week with students. Information on each can be found at the end of this message, but they are essentially a survey to all students about the school itself (one goes out to parents as well) and one about students’ social and emotional health. Both surveys help us do better at being what our students need. Students will take these in their classes and nothing needs to be done from home aside from the parent survey sent out by the district. If you would like more information about either survey, please let us know and we’ll get you anything you need.

Bangerter Closures & Detours

The Utah Department of Transportation is planning to close 10400 S East-West travel across Bangerter starting late April or early May, and it will remain closed through November of 2021. UDOT animation of traffic flow and current information will be posted here by the end of the week. You can also see the detour plan here, and traffic patterns here

We expect this will mean more traffic on 9800 S as two lanes will exit Bangerter turning left there in the construction plan, and the detour routes people on 9800 S as well.

Volunteer Opportunities & Upcoming Career Activities

8th Grade Job Shadow – Tuesday, April 13th

As part of our career exploration program, 8th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in a Job Shadow experience on Tuesday, April 13th. This is a chance to take your student to work with you or send them to work with someone you know. It is our hope that you will share your excitement for your profession with your child or that they will have the opportunity to study a career of interest. If your student pre-arranges a job shadow experience, and they complete the required forms, they will be excused from school on this day. Encourage your student to think about a career area they are interested in. Students that don’t arrange a job shadow are expected to be in school on this day and they will do a career related activity in Language Arts. Parents are responsible to provide transportation to the job shadow. More information will be provided but please start thinking about options that your student might be interested in. 

9th Grade Job Interviews – Tuesday, April 13th

Adult volunteers are needed to help with our 9th grade Job Interview experience. We need 15 volunteers from 7:45-11:35, and 15 volunteers from 11:25-2:50. The PTSA will provide lunch for both sessions. Volunteers will be providing short mock job interviews for our 9th grade students. We will provide a list of suggested questions. For more information, please contact the counseling center. If you can help with this fun activity, please fill out this form