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Back-to-School Night & More

Back-to-School Night & Videos

We will be holding the in-person half of Back-to-School Night from 6 – 7:30 pm at the school. We will have a brief introduction, allow the PTSA to conduct some business, and then give you the rest of the time to visit teachers, work on locker combinations, etc. Many of you did this last Friday unofficially, and we will hold next year’s night before school starts to capitalize on such high interest.

We also have brief videos from teachers explaining things you might want to know as parents for your child’s classes. Those videos can be found here. They will be available at any time for the next few weeks – like when your kids come home and tell you about their favorite teacher and you want to know who they are talking about.

Immunizations at Back-to-School Night

The required 7th grade immunizations (not COVID-19 vaccinations or flu shots) will be offered through Certified Nursing Services during Back-to-School Night. They will arrive before Back-to-School Night begins if you’d like to come a bit early.

Chromebooks & Registration

We can’t give your student a Chromebook until you have completed registration, as it contains an acceptable use agreement for electronic devices in the district. 

More Information Always Online

We always post every Skylert and as much important information as possible on the school website ( Please check out our last Skylert/post regarding much of the start-of-school information we get asked about most frequently.

We also do our level best to avoid overloading your inbox/phone/texts with information so that when we do send it out, it’s something you actually read. Plan on a message from us once a week (usually Monday evening), and always check the website if you’re wondering if you’ve missed something.

Lego Robotics

Like Legos? Like Robots? Join Lego Robotics at Elk Ridge Middle School. It meets after school Tuesday and Thursday from 3:05-4:00. We build and program Lego robots. We also solve engineering problems. To join: