Community Council


September 21, 2021 Minutes

Members in Attendance: Principal Jenson, School Counselor Mr. Bennett, District Office Administrator of Schools Cody Curtis, Shannon Bird, Mindi Allen, Marianne Dwyer, Kelly Adams, Rachel Ferre

Kelly Adams volunteered to be our Council Chair. Marianne Dwyer second the motion.

Principal Jenson gave us a quick overview of the purpose of the School Community Council.

We discussed what has historically been done with the Trust Lands Money. The school usually pays for instructional coaches. There are two part time coaches: Patricia Bronson, and Johnathon Laws that work with the teachers to improve teaching. They also pay teachers to coach during their instructional period.

The Teacher and Student Success Act also gives money to the school. Elk Ridge uses that money in a wide variety of ways. The school now has a one to one chrome book to student ratio. It also pays for professional development, school climate issues, and items for the school store.

Mr. Bennett gave us a report on what is coming up for the students from the counselors. Next month they will be going into math classes and teaching suicide awareness and prevention strategies. The parents in the meeting expressed the desire to also be sent the presentations so they can further the conversations at home and know what is being discussed. We also expressed interest in the lessons students are given on every other Wednesday during the DEAR time. Power points or lesson plans to be sent home. November 9th will be career day. Seventh graders will be discussing career and college prep during their CTE classes. In eighth grade they will be job shadowing. The ninth
graders will be doing mock resumes and interviews.

Last Cody Curtis showed us a slide show put together by the district about the proposed changes to the district dress code. They are presenting to all school community councils, discussing again and then will be presenting the information at a public board meeting for input from the community. It is focused on being gender and culturally neutral, and “when” what the student is wearing becomes a disruption to other student learning.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50-Next meetings: Nov. 16, Feb. 22, April 12