Community Council


Members in Attendance: Principal Jenson, School Counselor Mr. Bennett, Shannon Bird, Mindi Allen, Marianne Dwyer, and Rachel Ferre

The council approved the minutes from last month. 

-Land Trust: Right now the school uses the money to provide coaches to the teachers.  They do goal setting, and provide feedback and support to the teachers.  Teachers are recording and watching their own lessons with guidance from the coaches.  Land trust also pays for Professional Development.  The committee was asked to think about items they would like to see this money used for and bring ideas to the next meeting. 

-TSSA: This money also covers some instructional coaching, professional development, and also needs of the school.  This could be Chromebooks, instructional aides, things for the school store, wapiti currency, ect. 

-Safe Walking Routes: We discussed the current plans and timeline of Bangerter Highway.  10400 S will be finished this winter.  They are currently doing an environmental study for 9800 S, and will have a public meeting for the final plan next winter.  Construction will not start until spring of 2023.

-Other concerns are 10400 S and River Heights Drive.  They would really like a crossing guard there, but last it was reviewed they said there was not enough student traffic. 

-Counseling Center Update by Mr. Bennet: A needs assessment will be shortly coming out and they would like to see better participation from parents.  It helps the counseling center make goals based on the answers, and create programs for teachers, and counseling for kids. Asked the committee to help spread the word about the survey when it comes out next month. 

 Counselors are starting counseling groups for stress management, grief loss, anxiety…

Meeting adjourned at 7:07-Next meetings: Feb. 22, April 12