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Spring Pictures, Memory Books & BHS Registration

Spring Pictures

LifeTouch will be here on Wednesday morning to take Spring pictures for any interested students. Picture packets can be picked up in the main office.

Memory Books

March 15th is the last day to get your memory book for $25. Memory books will be sold for $30 after March 15th on a first-come, first-serve basis.

9th Graders

VERY IMPORTANT: If you haven’t done the Canvas class yet, make sure to do it tonight so that you are ready for the Bingham counselors to help you enter your classes into Skyward tomorrow. Bring the white Bingham paper with your class choices circled to your Science class on Tuesday. 

9th Grade students will be completing their course requests in their Science class this week on Tuesday March 2nd.

It is important to take course requests seriously as these classes will become your schedule for next year.


Students, please come to your Science class prepared with your course request card highlighted and classes selected. From this course card, students will then add their class requests into skyward using a Chromebook.


Students are encouraged to view the attached PDF with instructions on which credits/classes are needed, graduation requirements, etc.

Further information can be found by watching the Sophomore Orientation Presentation on the Bingham website, HERE.

If you have further questions, you may contact your middle school counselor.

Students will have until Sunday, March 7th at 11:59 pm to make adjustments.

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9th Grade Registration Information

The majority of this Skylert is for 9th grade students only. 

For everyone else, please make sure that if you haven’t completed registration, please visit our pre-registration page as soon as possible. Please also let us know if you haven’t on that form if you are choosing to attend Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle School or moving.


9th Grade PCCR/Pre-Registration Meeting for High School Via Canvas

In preparation for 10th grade high school registration, the 9th grade students will complete a pre-registration meeting at home this week through Canvas.  This meeting will take approximately 30 minutes, and we ask that students and parents view these materials together as it will answer essential questions about available courses and registration at the high school. Tomorrow in science class, your 9th grade student will receive a registration card from Bingham High School and will learn about the PCCR pre-registration meeting that they will complete on Canvas this week. They can complete the meeting anytime this week with you but will be given time on Friday through their Science class to work on it. This assignment is due Sunday, February 28th at midnight so that your student will be ready to turn in their card. Bingham High School will meet with students on Tuesday, March 2nd in their Science class to complete the high school registration process.  

West Jordan High School will be coming on March 16th to drop off registration cards. Even if your child is not attending Bingham High School, please view the information in the Canvas class because it is applicable for all Jordan District High Schools. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your child’s counselor.

9th Grade PCCR Pre-Registration Meeting for High School Assignment Steps:

  1. Go to Canvas and find the Canvas Course titled–9thGR School/Library/Counseling-NICHOLES
  2. Open the course and click on the button on the Homepage called 9th grade PCCR Pre-Registration Meeting. This will take you to the meeting page with instructions and a link to open up slides with the registration information and videos to watch. 
  3. When done, complete the survey, using the link found on the last page of the slides. 
  4. Bring your registration card with you to Science class on March 2nd for your meeting with the counselors from Bingham High School. 

Reminder: BHS Sophomore Orientation is THIS WEEK! 

Bingham High School’s Sophomore Orientation is February 25th in the BHS Auditorium – you don’t want to miss it!

IMPORTANT: There will no longer be a live stream for those students and parents unable to attend! We encourage those of you who have not secured a ticket yet to do so to attend one of the in person sessions (there’s still tickets available for both sessions) OR to watch the presentation on the Bingham Counseling website following Orientation.

  • Topics covered include registration and scheduling information, graduate requirements, and BHS counselor introductions.
  • There will be two sessions. Session #1 will be from 6:00-7:00 PM and Session #2 will be from 7:30-8:30 PM. 
  • Tickets are required! Tickets can be obtained beginning this Friday, February 12th, at 3:00 PM on the Bingham Athletics Page for either session. 
  • Tickets will be limited to 350 per session in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students can only obtain two (2) tickets max – one for the student and one for a parent/guardian. No one will be admitted without a ticket. This includes additional children so parents, please find alternative care for your children if you plan to attend with your 9th grader. 
  • There will not be an Activities Fair. Instead, please reference the  BHS Clubs + Teams List to learn more about all of the fabulous clubs and teams Bingham has to offer. For each club and team, the list includes the advisor’s name and email address, anticipated audition/tryout dates, and a brief description/important information info for each club and team. This list will also be included in each student’s registration packet.

If you have any questions, please call the Bingham Counseling Center at 801-256-5120. The BHS Counselors and Administration look forward to seeing you there!

Bingham Hope Squad Application

Do you enjoy helping and listening to others? The HOPE SQUAD class represents students who promote positivity within the school and community.  Hope Squad students receive trainings on suicide prevention, self-care and hopeful living, using the HOPE4UTAH Curriculum, created by Dr. Greg Hudnall. 

The HOPE SQUAD class:

  • Is an audition class
  • Is a YEARlong class
  • Is only offered 4th period
  • Earns elective credit

If you are interested in applying, please complete the attached application. Please EMAIL or bring in your completed application to Ms. Bair at Bingham High School (, Room S106.

Applications are due March 1st.

*** Please note: HOPE SQUAD is an Audition class. Your application goes through a screening process and does not guarantee membership. Students will be notified in March and if approved, your counselor will add this class 4th period.


Applications are open to join the Latinos in Action (LIA) program at Bingham High School for next school year! 

  • Year-long elective course
  • Goal of empowering Latino youth to lead and strengthen their communities through college and career readiness.
  • If you would like to know more information about LIA, please review the attached brochure or presentation for further information.

Please submit the attached application via email to Ms. DeVilliers at or in-person at Room E233 (at Bingham).

Applications are due MARCH 1st.

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Parent Conference & Pre-Registration Reminder

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences are this Wednesday from 4-8 pm and Thursday from 4-7:30 pm. You can sign up for an appointment time in Skyward Family Access. Drop-ins will be possible, but those with appointments will be given priority. Zoom links will be available on the school website and via email starting Wednesday. If you have a meeting with a teacher before then, they can send you the Zoom link directly.

Sign up early to get the times you want, and remember that if you don’t get the chance to meet with a teacher this week, Zoom, email and phone calls all work all year, so please don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you have questions or concerns.

Last Week to Pre-Register

Don’t forget that all pre-registrations (course selections) must be completed by February 14th. Visit our pre-registration page for information and the pre-registration form. We’ll take this information and use it to offer as many of the classes that you want as possible!

ALPS Orientation

There will be a virtual ALPS orientation meeting for all incoming ALPS students on February 23rd from 6-7 pm. The link to this meeting can be found at

Memory Books

Memory Books ordered from now until March 15 are $25. Memory Books ordered after March 15 will be $30, and are only available as long as the limited supplies last. Memory books can be ordered in Skyward under the fees sections. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Whitney in the main office. We have switched to a different vendor this year to hopefully ensure they are here in a timely manner.

Dress Code Reminder

Please take a moment to review what your student is wearing to school, especially now that things are warming up.

COVID-19 PTC's Registration Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Parent Conference & Pre-Registration

Parent Conferences This Week

Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Wednesday, February 10th from 4-8 pm and Thursday, February 11th from 4-7:30 pm. The process will be very similar to what we did in the fall with a few modifications. Here are the highlights:

  • Appointments can be made by logging into Skyward Family Access using your parent account. (This is the same process used by Jordan District elementary schools. You can make appointments with all your student’s teachers in one place. Please see the attached step-by-step instructions if needed.) 
  • Zoom links for each teacher will be available on the school website starting Monday after school. 
  • Zoom meetings will utilize “waiting rooms”.
  • “Drop ins” are welcome, but teachers will give preference to those with appointments. 

We strongly encourage you to check your student’s grades on Skyward and talk with them a few days prior to the conference. If you have any trouble accessing Skyward Family Access, please contact the main office. Instructions can also be found here.

A few more thoughts on the structure of the conference: Our overall goal with any parent conference is to have meaningful, two-way communication with you about your child and how we can work together to support them. If you are unable to meet with us for some reason on those days, please know that in today’s connected age, we are always reachable by email, phone, video conference, or in-person. Don’t let a date set aside for communication get in the way of communication throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you!

Pre-Registration Open Through Feb. 14th

Don’t forget to visit our pre-registration page to choose your courses for next year. All selections made before the 14th will be given the same consideration, so it’s important to get your registration in during that time. Contact our counseling center if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Registration Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Skylert: Pre-Registration Open Until Feb. 14th

Pre-Registration is Open!

Please visit our pre-registration page to request your courses for next school year. All requests made between now and February 14th will be given the same priority. Take some time to review the orientation videos, course descriptions, etc. before completing the form.

That’s all we’re sending out this week. If you have any questions about selecting courses, don’t hesitate to reach out to our counseling department. It’s national school counselors week, so feel free to tell them thank you if they’ve helped you or your children. We couldn’t do it without them!

COVID-19 Registration Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Skylert: Pre-Registration Open Feb. 1st

Pre-Registration (Course Requests) for 6th-8th Graders Begins Feb. 1st

It’s time to choose your classes starting on February 1st. Visit the pre-registration page on the school website for information on elective courses, requirements, and other information.

Our counselors will be visiting each 7th and 8th science class on Monday and Tuesday to ensure students understand the process. You will be able to edit your choices for the first week or so, after which your selections will be locked so that we can start building the schedule and hiring according to your requests. Requests that come in after February 14th will still be accepted, but some options may not be available depending on demand from the on-time registrations.

It is also worth noting that all students will have the option of enrolling in the district’s new virtual school during pre-registration. More information will be placed at the beginning of the pre-registration form to ensure you have as much information as possible when deciding your path for next school year.

9th grade students will enroll at their respective high schools in late February or early March, and counselors from those schools will come and present to students at that time. Any questions about high school registration should be directed to the respective high school for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

We are adding content to our registration every day as we lead up to pre-registration, so make sure you check back on February 1st for videos from teachers, updated course options, and more helpful information.

Thank You!

We have such amazing students at Elk Ridge, and we just wanted to make sure we take the chance to say thank you for all that you do as a community to support our school. It is never dull and truly a pleasure to work with your children, and it’s a responsibility and an honor that we take very seriously. You have great kids.

COVID-19 PTSA Registration Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Skylert: End of 2nd Quarter, Pre-Registration

Welcome back from winter break! Everyone looked a bit sleepy today, which was hopefully due to all of the rest you got over the break. Please remember that the 2nd quarter ends next Friday, January 15th. Please ensure you have all requisite work turned in early so that you avoid any surprises.

Memory Books

Memory Books ordered from now until April 1, 2021 are $25. Memory Books ordered after April 1,2021 will be $30. Memory books can be ordered in Skyward under the fees sections. If you have questions please contact Mrs. Whitney in the main office. We have switched to a different vendor this year to hopefully ensure they are here in a timely manner.


It’s time to start planning for next school year, and pre-registration for classes will open on February 1st. We are moving to an online registration system this year, and you will have two weeks to make and adjust your requests. That process will also include class summaries, prerequisites, and everything else you’ll need to tell us what you want for next year, since a registration night in-person at the school won’t be an option. Once we have that, we’ll work to staff our school according to your requests. This makes it doubly important that you get us your preferences, as it’s much harder to accommodate once the schedule has been built and staffing decisions have been made. More information on registration will come in the Skylert and on our website as we get closer.


The initial permit window has now closed, and only permits submitted before January 1st will be entered into the lottery. From there, permits will be awarded according to the established waiting list. Unfortunately we do not anticipate having space for many, if any, permits this year.

COVID Updates

Case counts are set to zero per state guidelines after a 2-week break. Positive cases are still reported, and community spread appears to be relatively high based on the number of students and staff currently positive, even though none of them have been in the school while positive due to the break. In short, it’s been a long haul, but now is not the time to get complacent.

In better news, quarantines in school will now only occur for situations where one or both students was NOT wearing a mask. This means primarily only lunchroom exposures or situations where we know a student was not wearing a mask. Quarantines from non-masked exposure are for 7 days with a negative test administered on the 7th day, or 10 days without a test.

The governor also announced that districts can adopt a test-to-stay policy in order to avoid shifting to online learning, but such a policy must be adopted by a school board to go into effect. There has not been an opportunity since the announcement for the board to discuss such a policy, meaning we will still be held to the 15 active cases or 1% threshold for the time being for a shift to online learning.

COVID-19 Registration Wally the Wapiti

2nd Quarter Virtual/In-Person Changes

What follows was sent to parents by the Jordan School District regarding format change requests for 2nd quarter from in-person to virtual and vice versa. Please note that a request does not guarantee the change will occur, as open seats across the district are very limited.

Due to minimal availability in both virtual and in-person courses, virtual and in-person placement changes will be limited.

If you would still like to request a potential change for 2nd quarter, please complete the Quarter 2 Virtual/In-Person Change form. Even if you have already been added to a wait-list at your local school, you will still need to complete the form.

The Quarter 2 Virtual/In-Person Change form must be completed by Tuesday, October 6th at midnight to be considered for a possible change to your student’s 2nd Quarter virtual or in-person placement.  This deadline can not be extended.  Only complete this form if you are requesting to change your student’s current online schedule to an in-person schedule and vice-versa.  A separate form is required for each student.  

Skyward instructions:

You will need to log in to Skyward Family Access in a web browser.  This form does not work in the mobile version of Skyward.  If you need assistance with your Skyward login and password, please contact your school.  Once logged in, select the link for “Online Forms” in the tabs on the left.  Select the student for whom you want to submit a request. There are two steps that need to be completed.  On step 2, you must select “Submit Term 2 Learning Option” to complete the form.   You will receive a confirmation email after you have completed the form.  If you do not receive this email, please contact your school.  

 *** (The drop down options here are:  1)  Online to In-Person, 2) In-Person to Online, 3) Partial In-Person & Online)

As the parent/guardian of the student for which this form has been completed, I acknowledge that my student will participate in the option selected for the duration of 2nd Quarter, upon approval of this request.  I understand that completion of this form does not guarantee approval of this request.  Approval is based on space availability for both in-person and virtual classes. 

*** Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement:   (Yes)

Your request for term 2 has been completed for this student.  Completion of this request does not guarantee approval of the request.  Approval is based on space availability for both in-person and virtual classes.  If you request option 3, you must email your school counselor which courses your student wants to take, either in-person or virtually.  If your request has been approved, you will be contacted by your student’s school counselor.  Once committed to in-person or virtual learning, your student must continue with that selection for the duration of 2nd quarter.

*** These sections will be the drop down menu options in the skyward form. 

COVID-19 Registration Skylert Wally the Wapiti

Skylert: First Day Reminders

Just a few last-minute reminders and answers to common questions for everyone:

Start Dates and First Day Information

School starts for 7th graders on Monday from 7:50 – 11:50 am. School starts for 8th and 9th graders (and continues for 7th graders) on Tuesday from 7:50 am – 2:50 pm. A schedule for which lunch you have can be found here, and will be reviewed on your first day before lunch.

Maps of the school will be given to students who need one as they arrive. For security reasons, we are not allowed to post them online or send them out via Skylert. We’ll also have adults on hand to help students find their classes.

If your student arrives at school prior to 7:30 am, they will need to wait outside. After 7:30 am, they can go to the cafeteria, or to their 1st period class. Students should not linger in the hallway and will be encouraged to head straight to the cafeteria or a classroom.


Schedules should be reviewed today or tomorrow before coming to school. They may have changed since you last looked at them. If your schedule has an issue, please use email to contact a counselor. This greatly speeds up the process. Please do not come in to meet with the counselor unless they request it. Your student should attend the scheduled classes while the issue is sorted out. You can download the Skyward app to review your schedule and much more on the go.

Online/Virtual Courses

If you are taking online courses, please be patient as we get things off the ground. You may be taking a class from a teacher at another school in the district. If you are taking a virtual ALPS, DLI, or AP course, you will be participating in the in-person course through virtual means. We have plans to maximize your involvement, but it will take a bit to hone the process.


Chromebooks for online students can be picked up Monday from 12:00 – 2:50 pm. Students taking any in-person classes will get their Chromebooks on Tuesday during 1st period. You cannot get a Chromebook if you have not completed Skyward registration.


Per the Utah Department of Health and the governor’s office, masks are required in all Utah schools. All exemptions require a completed and verified mask exemption form, which can be found at This FAQ was just released last week, and provides more specifics on many of the most common questions.

While masks are not required when outside, please remember that is only the case when you can stay 6 feet from others. If you’re outside and within 6 feet, you still need a mask. This applies to eating and drinking as well. The mask should only come off for eating and drinking when you can be at least 6 feet from others.

Checking Out Your Student, Confirming Absences via Skyward

Students can now be checked in and out via Skyward. Visit the main page of our school website for instructions. You are now also able to guardian excuse absences without calling in. If you are checking out your student, enter the attendance via Skyward (via app or website), bring in your ID when you arrive, and then wait in your car for your student. It should speed up the process greatly, as well as require less time in the building for you as a parent.


We have worked closely with the state, district, and other schools to develop a safety plan. That plan can be found here, as well as on our website. Our priorities as we start school again will be to keep students spread out, masks on, and be kind to each other. We couldn’t be more excited to be back, and we want to stay in school. Right now, this is the best way to do it.

Quarantine FAQ’s

Each positive COVID-19 case will be reviewed in cooperation with the health department. Currently, if you are within 6 feet of someone who tests positive for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more within 48 hours of them testing positive or showing symptoms, you will be required to stay home for 14 days (10 school days). A negative test result does not shorten that timeframe, and face masks, plexiglass, and other factors do not change those numbers. If you go home sick with COVID-like symptoms, you will likewise be required to stay home for 10 days from symptom onset and go 24 hours without a fever before returning to school regardless of whether or not you decide to be tested. More on this Salt Lake County requirement can be found here. If a student is working from home during quarantine, we will do everything possible to ensure they are able to participate as fully as possible while they are at home.

Back-to-School Videos

Now that schedules are mostly finalized, you may want to revisit our back-to-school videos. They can be found here.

One Last Thing

Being a Wapiti means being safe, being kind, and being responsible. This mindset is what we try to instill in our students, and we hope that as we launch this adventure together, we can continue to enjoy working with a community that is likewise safe, kind, and responsible. Thank you for all that you do. We truly couldn’t do it without you. Please be patient if things take a little longer, and as we hit bumps along the way.

It’s a great day to be a Wapiti!


Calculators & Math Supplies

Dear Parents and Guardians

Back-to-school sales are in full swing. It might be a good idea to get a jumpstart on other shoppers and get your student a calculator and math supplies while they are still in stock.  

We suggest students have the following for all math classes at Elk Ridge Middle School:

– Three ring binder 

– Lots of pencils (We learn from our mistakes!)

– Loose leaf paper

– Earbuds (to use when watching lesson videos)

– Calculator (see below)

We strongly recommend that each student have their own calculator to assist with practice assignments and to reduce the number of items that are shared in class. Here are links showing the calculators that are used in each class:

Math 8, Sec. 1, & Sec, 2 Calculator    (These classes start using calculators the first week of school.)

Math 7 Calculator   (Math 7 does not use calculators until 2nd quarter, but they are cheaper now.)

Elk Ridge will have a calculator rental program, but availability is limited. (Rental information will be forthcoming.) With the emphasis on not sharing supplies and Friday distance learning, it would be a good idea to get a calculator sooner rather than later.

Please contact your student’s math teacher if you have questions or concerns.


Elk Ridge Math Department