Frequently Asked Questions

For now, this page will focus on questions related to reopening. After school starts, we’ll broaden the scope.

The entire site has many of the answers. Registration information is here. Memory Books haven’t shipped. Our last update is here. The district’s plan can be found here.

Here’s a list of questions answered on this page:

  • What’s the hybrid option?
  • Will my hybrid classes be grouped together?
  • Which classes will be offered online?
  • Will masks be required?

The Utah Health Department and the Utah State Board of Education have also released the COVID-19 Manual for Schools. This document, along with the district plan and school plan serve as guiding documents for safety protocols in our school. You can download that document in its entirety with the link below.

Common topics covered in the manual include:

  • Types of Face Coverings & Guidelines for Wear (pg. 76)
  • What Counts as Close Contact (pg. 36)
  • Contact Tracing and Modified Quarantine (pg. 25)
  • What If Scenarios (pg. 29+)

There’s a lot more. If you’re wondering about something specific, check the hyperlinked table of contents or search the document.

Still don’t see an answer you need? Send us a message and we’ll try to get one for you as soon as possible.

What’s the Hybrid Option?

The hybrid option means that you are taking a mix or hybrid of online and in-person classes. You might take Language Arts, Social Studies and Art online, and come to school for everything else in person.

If you want to do this, you need to submit it here by July 31st. If you’re asking for it after that, we’ll do our best.

Will Hybrid Classes be Grouped Together?

As much as possible, yes. Our ability to do that really depends on which classes you want to take in person, the number of students that request online or hybrid classes, etc.

The process, however, will be that our counselors will reach out to confirm the hybrid schedule before you are stuck with it to make sure it’s as close to what you want as possible.

Which Classes Will Be Offered Online?

Again, this depends on demand. All core classes, including honors, ALPS, and DLI will be offered virtually. From there, the district will attempt to match up the students asking for an online class like choir with a teacher either opting to teach online or willing to pick up an extra section that’s online. If there aren’t enough students and/or teachers at one school to meet demand, they will look to get a combination of students or teachers from multiple schools to still offer the class virtually.

So we’ll really, really try to offer what you want. To know what to prepare for, you need to request the class here by July 31st.

Will Masks be Required?

At this point, yes. It’s a mandate from the governor. However, we’ll be doing our best to educate students when asking them to wear a mask.

Only students with an approved medical exemption (process TBD by the district) will be exempt. There will also be situations (i.e. a student receiving speech services) where a face shield or other face covering may be more appropriate. When outside and social distancing can be followed, masks are not required. PE courses and other similar situations have a separate protocol. See the most current draft of the district reopening plan for more detail.