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2022-23 Pre-Registration

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PRE-REGISTRATION: You don't need to rush. This is not arena scheduling. All requests made in the pre-registration window are considered at the same time. As long as you request by the dates belowe, it is NOT first come, first served.

Pre-registration (course selection) cards will be distributed to students on January 24th in class. Students and parents will have until January 26th (current 7th Graders) or January 27th (current 8th Grader) to fill out the cards. On those dates, our counselors will be in classes with students to help them enter the requests into Skyward.

After that window, you may continue to complete pre-registration, however your priority for scheduling may be lowered. If there are families in your neighborhood who currently attend charter or private schools but plan to attend Elk Ridge next year, please share this information with them.

You can download a copy of the registration card here if you want to get started now. NOTE: Grade levels are what you will be NEXT year, not what you are now.

If you need instructions for filling out the cards, you can view this slideshow. If you want a pdf version, you can access that here. This is the same information that will be presented to students on January 24th in D.E.A.R.

Incoming 7th Grade Orientation Night, January 27th

We'll provide much of the information you'll need here, but you can also join us in-person on January 27th for an overview of the process, to meet with teachers and learn about class options, and get any other questions or information you want or need for next year.

We will hold two sessions on January 27th: One at 5:30 pm and one at 7:00 pm. Information specific to students in ALPS or Dual-Language Immersion programs will occur at that time.

Option for Virtual Learning

Jordan School District is pleased to continue offering virtual instruction through Kelsey Peak Middle School (Grades 7-8) and Kings Peak High School (Grades 9-12). This can be for students taking all or some of their classes in a virtual format. If you would like to explore this option, please visit

Requirement & Electives

Honors Classes

Math and Language Arts courses both offer an Honors option. In the past we have had an application, but this year we will allow students and parents to choose to be placed in an Honors class without an application if they choose. Please be aware that Honors classes require a higher level of work and excellent classroom behavior and citizenship. If you have a question about what would be appropriate for your student, your student’s 6th grade teacher may advise on which class your student is best prepared for. 

7th Grade Math Classes

The district is once again allowing exceptional 6th grade students to take a placement test to see if enrolling in Math 8 Honors during 7th grade would be appropriate. This is usually only about 5-10% of the students, but this test will be made available to 6th graders who would like to try this option.  For information regarding testing, you may contact Amy Kinder (801-567-8469) at the district offices.  

Required Immunizations (7th Grade)

All incoming 7th graders will need to have had a Tdap vaccine, a second dose of Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, and 1 dose of Meningococcal vaccine. Although the Covid-19 vaccine is not required, it is recommended that students also be vaccinated for Covid-19.

Documentation of all required immunizations for your student should be turned in to the Counseling Center before August. If your student has had all required immunizations, you may mail a copy to us or bring a copy to the main office at Elk Ridge. Alternatively, you can send a copy to our registrar.

Please do not delay in having these immunizations administered as it is a State of Utah requirement, Section 53A-11-303, and is necessary for students to be able to attend school. If you are claiming an exemption for vaccines that are required for school entry, contact the registrar for instructions.

We're Here to Help

The pre-registration process is a crucial step in getting set up for the coming school year, and we want to help you navigate the process. Please reach out to our counseling team with any questions or suggestions.

Mrs. Alishia Huefner (last names A - C)

Ms. Camille Francis (last names D-J)

Mr. Richard Lambert (last names K-Q)

Mr. Paul Bennett (last names R-Z)

Counseling Center Phone: 801-412-2800 (option 2)