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The Cat in the Hat Piacitelli, Vittoria

Jojo/boy McEntire, David

Horton Kartchner, Logan

Gertrude Hummel, Elizabeth

Mayzie Kerksiek, Clara

Mr. Mayor Colvin, Charlie

Mrs. Mayor Sadowski, Grace

General Schmitz Kartchner, Miles

Grinch Turner, Truman

Sour Kangaroo Thomas, Nori

Young Kangaroo Rogers, Samantha

Bird Girls Perry, Samara

Hardy, Amelia

Harper, London

Butterfield, Ellery

Hansen, Hannah

Bowen, Holly

Bird Boy Smith, Beckett

Wickersham 1 Thurman, Jordan 

Wickersham 2 Banks, Parley

Wickersham 3 Smith, Beckett

Wickersham Brothers

Bate, Krew

Larson, Liam

Applegate, Joseph

Vlad Vladikoff Burnham, Quinn

Yertle the Turtle Mann, Carter

Thing 1 Lambert, Hannah

Thing 2 Harwood, Johnathan

Aerialist/Flyers Moore, Caroline

Snedaker, Kambri

Green, Lyla

Hodges, Jane

Beckstrom, Anna 


Adams, Caroline

Allred, Brynlee

Ashby, Briley 

Ashby, Hunter

Bartlome, Chase

Behunin, Payton

Bellenger, Elias

Browning, Ally

Butterfield, Alexis

Clark, Emily

Clyde, Violet

Crouch, Emily

Emerson, Leah

Evans, Jessie

Feldman, Megan

Finlinson, Olivia

Franson, Keira

Gaeta, Alexa

Gardner, Mia

Greene, Sophie

Griffith, Lucy

Hales, Ivy

Hall, Courtney

Hansen, Hailey

Hansen, Marie

Hawkins, Lauren

Howard, Halle

Hummel, Isaac

Krommenhoek, Jade

Larson, Eden

Lee, Andrew

Loza, Aryana

Lund, Weston

Madsen, Elaine

McBride, Chayla

McCarty, Alaina

Mandado, Rhiannon

Morton, Hailee

Mott, Isaac

Mumararungu, Alice

Murry, Jensen

Neeley, Luke

Ogden, Bria

Ormond, Lily

Osborne, KayCee

Pace, Alexa

Paz, Nancybel

Pessetto, Lilly

Prince, Gabriella

Riddle, Hilary

Robertson, Jonathan

Rodriguez, Cadence

Rollins, Amelia

Sheppard, Gavin

Snow, Jackson

Taiba, Florencia 

Walden, Makayla

Whitmer, Katie

Williams, Jacob

Williams, Joseph

Zoo Keepers

Bell, Azilee

Ferrer, Elias

Good, Whitney

Hedin, Carson

Hedin, Colby

Moysh, Korbin

Porter, Nash

Smith, Sarah

Talbot, Katie

Tippets, Sophia 

Whitmer, Emma

Wilkey, Addy




Colton Johnson Stage Manager

Bridget Good Assistant Stage Manager

Brayden Hansen Assistant Stage Manager


Levi Bergman Lighting Designer/ Board

Olivia Hancock

Kelly Gonzalez

Olivia Condie


Ethan Peters Sound Designer/Board

Jackson Murdock

Brock Guevara

Jack Hales

Benson Simkins

Isaac Trimble


Bodey Meadows Prop Master/ Crew chief

Courtney Cook

Logan Carney


Seth Anserson Set Designer/ Run Chief

Hayden Orgil

Asher Morrow

Adriana Villarroel


Becca Coates Costumes/Crew chief

Lily Collett

Maren Christiansen Assistant Crew Chief

Mya Foster

Billie Earl

The Musical for the 2022-2023 year is :

Seussical is a musical comedy by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, based on the many children's stories of Dr. Seuss, with most of its plot being based on Horton Hears a Who!Gertrude McFuzz, and Horton Hatches the Egg while incorporating many other stories. With memorable music, clever banter, and a lot of heart, Seussical is a perfect fit for Elk Ridge.

Next Years Musical will include super fun costumes that will give a nod to the animal but represent the personality and a time period. It will include lots of singing and dancing. Plus, it will include Aerial arts!


There is a camp being offered this summer and being taught by Mr. Goodrich at Aerobatics. These camps are a fun and easy way to gain experience flying. Participating in the camp DOES NOT guarantee you will fly in the musical. It is also NOT expected that students take the summer camps as a prerequisite to the musical. It does give you an opportunity to gain strength and flexibility and learn a new skill or two. If you are interested please sign up for a camp at you can also pick up a flyer about the camp from Ms. Vuki. Mrs. Giove or Mr. Goodrich.

Musical Performances