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This year’s musical will be Meredith Wilson’s beloved classic, Music Man. Telling the story of con-man Harold Hill and the small Midwestern town of River City, Music Man has won 5 Tony awards on Broadway, as well as seen adaptations in book, movie and television form. With memorable music, clever banter, and a lot of heart, Music Man is a perfect fit for Elk Ridge.

Musical Timeline


Thanks to everyone who auditions, you made it very hard to cast the show. You were all so wonderful. Please see the information below on what you need to do for next week.

Harold HillWill EvershedStage ManagerAshton Skolmoski
Marian ParooClara KerksiekAssistant stage managerZach Johnson
Mrs. ParooEmma WellsAssistant stage managerElizabeth Hummel
Winthrop ParooLiam LarsonAssistant DirectorEllsa Blair
AmaryllisVittoria PiacielliLighting DesignerJericho Henrichsen
Marcellus WashburnAmmon BythewayLight Crew
Mayor ShinnLevi KellerBryson Spoelstra
Eulalie MacKenzie ShinnEllie GlauserGrant Allen
Zaneeta ShinnEliza WilliamsSound DesignerSeth Bushell
Tommy DjilasJordan ThurmanSound crew
Jacey Squires (Tenor 1)Mitchell SadowskiColten Johnson
Ewart Dunlop (Tenor 2)Carter MannEaston Tanner
Oliver Hix (Baritone)Parley BanksBrayden Hansen
Olin Britt (Bass)Isaac WalkerSet Crew
Gracie ShinnGrace SadowskiMadelyn (Maddy) Brady
Alma HixKate AllanWhitney Good
Maud DunlopClaire BurnhamMcKayla Mamalis
Ethel TroffelmierLili BradyLiam Egelston
Mrs. SquiresMcKenna FullerAndrew Edwards
Constable LockeLogan KartchnerWeston stanger
Charlie LowellJensen MurryLuke Howell
ConductorDylan NickelsKiera Byrne
Traveling Salesman 1Beckett SmithCostume MistressBella Roberts
Traveling Salesman 2Josh DemkeCostume Crew
Traveling Salesman 3Jett ThurmanHallie Farnsworth
Traveling Salesman 4Ian CampbellNoah Hardy
Traveling Salesman 5Broox BateEmilee Grace Barnum
Newspaper Reader 1Andrew LeeMaren B. Christiansen
Newspaper Reader 2Kamden MoyshProp Designer/MasterJustus Henrichsen
Newspaper Reader 3Jonny HarwoodProp Crew
Pick a little LadiesAmelia HardyBridget Good
Pick a little LadiesAlexa paceBria Ogden
Pick a little LadiesCaitlin UffensJackson Hardy
Pick a little LadiesAbigail NielsonAndrew Edwards
Pick a little LadiesMadison BarlowHair and Makeup Crew
Pick a little LadiesSophie PollWilly Brown
Pick a little LadiesAlexis GilbertTaylor Smith
Pick a little LadiesAryana LozaConcessions crew
Pick a little LadiesJacie LeonardCaroline Moore
Pick a little LadiesBrynna MillerGabbie Prince
Wells Fargo SolosTaylin Lake
Voice 1Kerisa Leigh AshbySamara Perry
Voice 2Kamden MoyshJade Krommenhoek
Voice 3Alexis Gilbert
Voice 4Kimberly HallLeah Emerson
Voice 5Jacie LeonardHailee Morton
Voice 6Madiosn BarlowLilly Pessetto
Voice 7Kaleb GunnellCadence Rodriguez
Voice 8Jonathan RobertsonDance CaptainIzzy Williams
Voice 9Dane Nelson-Julander
Voice 10Gavin Sheppard
Voice 11Lucy Mae Griffith
Boys BandFeatured Dancers
Krew BateIzzy Williams
Easton BawdenNatalie Applegate
Bentley CampbellKerisa Leigh Ashby
Cohen CampbellEllery Butterfield
Charlie ColvinMaria Ferrer
Korbin Thomas MoyshMia Gardner
Gavin SheppardKimberly Hall
Treyson StoutLauren Elizabeth Hawkins
EnsambleAbigail Nielson
Alaina McCarty
Alexandra Franklin
Allie Ferre
Amelia Rollins
Annebelle Callister
Briley Ashby
Ciera Pulver,
Ellery Butterfield
Florencia Taiba
Hannah Hansen
Hannah Lambert
Jenna Perry
Jordan Rushton
Kate Williams
Katherine Whitmer
Lily Ormond
Mylee Wong
Sophie Greene
Truman Turner
Wimmer, Elizabeth

Ensemble Rehearsals

Please See Canvas Class for all information about Rehearsal times

Musical Performances

March 9, 10, 11, & 12 @ 7 pm, March 12 @ 1 pm


Here is some information about the rolls for Music Man.

HAROLD HILL: (Baritone, A Flat to High F) A smooth talking con man and traveling salesman with plenty of charm, who tries Iowa after saturating Illinois; convinces the townspeople that they need a boys’ band to keep them out of trouble. He falls for Marian, does need some movement ability
MARCELLUS WASHBURN: (Tenor, G to High A) Former con man and friend to Harold Hill who now lives in River City; becomes fast friends with Harold again and helps him learn about the town, tries to help Harold get out of town after the con; his is a comic role; he is dating Ethel Tofflemeier. Should have some dance movement ability, and sings.
MAYOR GEORGE SHINN: (Non-Singing or Chorus Only) The Mayor of River City, self-important, blustery, pompous, not terribly intelligent. Gets lots of things wrong! Listens to his wife. Protective of daughter, Zaneeta, whom he thinks is dating the wrong boy in town. Takes himself seriously, but comes across funny. Sings: Chorus Numbers.
WINTHROP PAROO: ( Alto, C – E Flat) Marian’s little brother, cute as a button. Does not talk much because of a lisp and missing his dead father. Learns to trust again and is a chatterbox by the end of the show.
OLIN BRITT: (Bass) Editor of the Gazette, Member of the School Board turned into Barbershop Quartet, a bickering business man until he is united with the others by Harold Hill, and learns not only to sing in harmony, but to behave in harmony.
OLIVER HIX: (Baritone) Banker, Member of the School Board turned Barbershop Quartet, another bickering business man until he is united by the others by Harold Hill and begins to sing and act in harmony with them. Married to Alma.
JACEY SQUIRES: (High Tenor) Owner of the livery stable, Member of the School Board turned Barbershop Quartet, another bickering business man until he is united with the others by Harold Hill, and sings and acts in harmony. Married to Mrs. Squires.
EWART DUNLOP: (Second Tenor) Owner of the General Store, Member of the School Board turned into Barbershop Quartet, another bickering business man until he is united with the others by Harold Hill and sings and acts in harmony. Married to Maud Dunlop.
CHARLIE COWELL: A rival traveling salesman, first seen on the train at the start of the show, he returns to town to warn them about Harold and hopefully make himself a hero and earn sales himself.
TOMMY DJILAS: A teenager from the “wrong side of town” who starts out as a trouble maker, but falls for Zaneeta, the Mayor’s daughter, and encouraged by Harold, begins dating her secretly. He also becomes the assistant leader of the Boys’ Band, thanks to Harold giving him confidence and trust.
CONSTABLE LOCKE: The town Sheriff.
TRAIN CONDUCTOR: He is on in the first scene with lines, and then will become a River City Townsperson for the rest of the show.
TRAVELING SALESMEN: Salesmen on the train that warn each other about what they’ve heard about Harold Hill. None of them have ever met him, but all know about his reputation. They do not realize that he is there among them on the train and can hear everything they are saying. They have a syncopated song in the beginning of the show no singing, but patterned to sound like a moving train.

MARIAN PAROO:(Soprano, Low G to High A) Daughter to Mrs. Paroo and sister to Winthrop, she is the stuffy, conceited librarian and piano teacher in town. She is very learned and defends the “questionable” books that are in the library. She was close to her
deceased father’s friend, Mr. Madison, and the town believes that she had an affair with him. After all, he left the library to the town, but all the books to her! There was no affair, and he was like an uncle to her. At first, after meeting Harold Hill, she dislikes him but then gets to know him better, and we see a transformation in her while she falls in
love. She comes to realize that he really does want to make a difference, and changes things in the town. They end up together. Does need some dance movement ability,
MRS. PAROO: (Mezzo Soprano A Flat to E Flat) Widowed Irish mother to Marian and Winthrop, she speaks with an Irish accent. She is a sweet, cheerful homemaker who wants the best for everyone. She gives Marian a lot of advice about how to find a man., and dotes on Winthrop. She falls for Harold’s con. Always keeps her hands busy.
EULALIE MACKECKNIE SHINN (Alto, D to D) Mayor Shinn’s wife, she is definitely a society lady, knows everyone in town, struts about like a peacock and is somewhat snooty. A Member of every auxiliary organization in town, she has some strange ideas and doesn’t think she looks as ridiculous as she really is. Keeps her husband in line. Leads the “Ladies Dance” group in the Grecian Urn.
AMARYLLIS (Alto, C to E) She is the young piano student of Marian’s, and likes Winthrop, but doesn’t understand why he won’t talk to her. The actress does not necessarily have know how to play the piano.
ZANEETA SHINN: Mayor Shinn & Eulalie’s daffy teenage daughter, she has a crush on the town “bad boy” Tommy. She is not rebellious, but is learning to stand up for herself. Very cute and feminine, she is a dancer, especially in “Marian the Librarian” and “Seventy-six Trombones”.
GRACIE SHINN: She is the Mayor’s younger daughter, and somewhat of a tomboy and a bit devilish.
ETHEL TOFFELMIER: She is jolly and friendly, and plays the player piano. She is dating Marcellus. She does gossip with the other ladies, and is one of the Pickalittle ladies and Grecian Urn performers. Dances in “Shipoopi”
ALMA HIX: The wife of Oliver Hix, she is a gossipy friend of Eulalie and the other “Pickalittle” women who also perform the Grecian Urn.
MAUD DUNLOP: The wife of Ewart Dunlop, and another of Eulalie’s gossipy friends who are the “Pickalittle” women and perform in Grecian Urn.
MRS. SQUIRES: The wife of Jacey Squires, she is also one of Eulalie’s gossipy friends who are the main “Pickalittle” women and perform in Grecian Urn. Sings: “Pickalittle,” “It’s You,” and Chorus Numbers.