Community Council/ TSSA Plan

The School Community Council (SCC) meets multiple times a year on the dates listed below. We meet at 6:30 pm in the ERMS Media Center and all meetings are open to the public. New parents and community members and welcome to attend any meeting!

What is the School Community Council?

The School Community Council offers parents and staff an opportunity to have a real and measurable impact on what happens at Elk Ridge. By joining the community council, you will have a voice in how a substantial amount of our school funding is used.

While our focus for the past few years has been on building out an instructional coaching program, the new Teacher and Student Success Act provides funding that will meet many of those needs going forward. This allows us to use Land Trust funds in new ways, meaning more input from parents and staff is needed than ever before.

Invitation To Parents To Serve:

Taking part in Elk Ridge Middle School’s School Community Council is a great way to learn more about the school and take part in discussions that focus on how to make learning better for our ERMS students. The ERMS Administration welcomes participation in our School Community Council. There are two ways to do this.

First, running for an official, elected position on SCC is available for any parent or guardian who has a student currently at Elk Ridge Middle. At least ten days prior to our first parent/teacher conference (generally late September or early October) there will be a notice sent out via Skylert and other notices in the main office area, to submit one’s name/bio for the SCC election ballot. This 10-day time period allows parents/guardians time to submit their names either in person or through a Google form. On the day of in-person parent/teacher conferences, voting will take place in the main office. The votes are counted once voting closes that evening. The new members are determined by the votes.

If parents/guardians did not officially make it onto SCC, the second way to participate is to attend the SCC meetings as a community member. Community members may listen to the SCC discussions and there is a time on the agenda each meeting for their comments, suggestions, etc.

SCC meeting minutes are located on the school’s website under Parents/Community, as well as the annual Land Trust Plan. We encourage all parents to read through this information and be informed about how this council and this plan is helping student learning at Elk Ridge Middle School.

This Year Agendas , Minutes & Meetings


October 4, 2023…… 6:30pm

November 29,2023…6:30pm

January 31, 2024…….6:30pm

March 13, 2024……….6:30pm

Historical Agendas & Minutes

What is Land Trust Funding?

Each year, every school in Utah is allocated a certain amount from the state to be used as seen fit by the school community council. Land Trust funds have been allocated in the following amounts:

2023-2024: $154,500.00

2022-2023: $148,166.62

2021-22: $140,058

2020-21: $136,569

2019-20: $140,622

2018-19: $120,800.00

2017-18: $102,837.00

2016-17: $78,367.00

2015-16: $69,390.00

2023-24 School Community Council Members

Member NameEmailPhoneRole
Kim Wimmerkimwimmer@hotmail.com801-412-2800Chair (Parent)
Charles Allenc_weege@yahoo.com801-412-2800Vice Chair (Parent)
Bryan Leggatbryan.leggat@jordandistrict.org801-412-2800Principal
Laraine Laweslaraine.lawes@jordandistrict.org801-412-2800Teacher
Rachel Ferrerachelferre@gmail.com801-412-2800Parent
Lindsey Ballardlnandrews@gmail.com801-412-2800Parent

Learn More About How SCC’s Work

If you would like to be trained in any aspect of school community councils please visit one of these sessions by clicking this link.

School community councils operate using Robert’s Rules of Order. To join our school’s community council, email Mr Leggat to express interest. Forms can be turned in to the main office or to the school community council chairperson. Click here for ERMS Rules of Order and procedures

Our student handbook covers the code of conduct for students regarding bullying, and should be reviewed by parents each year at registration.