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A-Z Staff Directory

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Career & Technical Education

Photo of Angela Hardy Angela Hardy C.T.E.
Photo of Bryan Mineer Bryan Mineer C.T.E.
Photo of Mari Morgan Mari Morgan C.T.E.
Photo of Megan Rees Megan Rees C.T.E.

Fine Arts

Photo of Mollie Gonzales Mollie Gonzales Art & Drawing

Foreign Language

Photo of Brock Hampton Brock Hampton Spanish
Photo of Yolanda Rothfuss Yolanda Rothfuss Spanish
Photo of Oscar Vasquez Oscar Vasquez Spanish
Photo of Alexandra Villalobos Alexandra Villalobos French & Social Studies

Health & P.E.

Photo of Alicia Giove Alicia Giove Dance & Yoga
Photo of Cindy Hirschi Cindy Hirschi P.E.
Photo of Olivia Luce Olivia Luce Health

Language Arts

Photo of Patricia Bronson Patricia Bronson Language Arts
Photo of Alan Christensen Alan Christensen Langauge Arts
Photo of Rebecca Coates Rebecca Coates Media Center Specialist
Photo of Tim Cordova Tim Cordova Language Arts
Photo of Kathleen Dansie Kathleen Dansie Language Arts
Photo of James Olsen James Olsen Language Arts
Photo of Elise Orgill Elise Orgill Language Arts
Photo of Elisabeth Thomas Elisabeth Thomas Langauge Arts
Photo of Rebecca Williams Rebecca Williams Language Arts
Photo of Jannifer Young Jannifer Young Language Arts


Photo of Emily Dayton Emily Dayton Math
Photo of Amanda Doty Amanda Doty Math
Photo of Jonathan Lawes Jonathan Lawes Math
Photo of Laura Nelson Laura Nelson Math
Photo of Sheila Olschewski Sheila Olschewski Math
Photo of Brynn Spitzer Brynn Spitzer Math
Photo of Heather Toponce Heather Toponce Math
Photo of Kathleen Walker Kathleen Walker Math
Photo of Marsha Wilcock Marsha Wilcock Math

Performing Arts

Photo of Alicia Giove Alicia Giove Dance & Yoga
Photo of Keith Goodrich Keith Goodrich Choir
Photo of Christopher Lyon Christopher Lyon Band
Photo of Nicole McDermott Nicole McDermott Orchestra


Photo of Vynessa Campos Vynessa Campos Science
Photo of Ron Christensen Ron Christensen Science
Photo of Ross Klvacek Ross Klvacek Science
Photo of Kelly Melrose Kelly Melrose Science
Photo of Kimberly Rider Kimberly Rider Science
Photo of Mark Rogers Mark Rogers Science

Social Studies

Photo of Jason Fife Jason Fife Social Studies
Photo of Steve Pollock Steve Pollock Social Studies
Photo of Aaron Saxton Aaron Saxton Social Studies
Photo of Christie Urquijo Christie Urquijo Social Studies
Photo of Alexandra Villalobos Alexandra Villalobos French & Social Studies

Special Education

Photo of Kay Campbell Kay Campbell Special Education
Photo of Wendy Hansen Wendy Hansen Speech & Language
Photo of Emily Koch Emily Koch Special Education
Photo of Amanda Mair Amanda Mair Special Education
Photo of Tricia Weedon Tricia Weedon Special Education