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Fighting is not tolerated, and identifying the root cause of the altercation is key to preventing future incidents. To that end, disciplinary actions listed below will vary depending on:

  • History of Fighting
  • Severity of Injury
  • Disruption to School Environment
  • Forecast of Future Issues (Assessment of Resolution)

1st Offense

  • Admin Conference
  • Mediation Between Parties
  • Possible Suspension (In-School or Out-of-School)
  • Parent Notification

2nd Offense

  • Admin Conference
  • Mediation Between Parties
  • 1-3 Day Suspension (Out-of-School)
  • Parent Conference

3rd Offense

  • Admin Conference
  • Mediation Between Parties
  • 3-5 Day Suspension (Out-of-School)
  • Parent Conference

Other Possible Actions & Supports

In the case of serious injury, disruption, etc., consequences may escalate more quickly than listed above. Likewise, other support may be offered or required at any level based on administrative assessment of the needs of the student and the school. These supports and consequences can include:

  • MHAP (Mental Health Access Plan) Referral
  • Meeting with Clinical Support Specialist
  • Intake with Jordan Family Education Center
  • Anger Management Course at Jordan Family Education Center
  • Referral to District Safe Schools Hearing
  • Referral for School Violence Risk Assessment
  • Referral to Law Enforcement