Community Council


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Library/Media Center

Invitees: Curtis Spencer, Margaret Hess, Alishia Huefner, Marianne Dwyer, Jenn Zollinger, Angela Ross, Beckie Bearden, Kimberlee Wimmer, Sonja Delaney, Michael LaBounty, and any interested parents.

  • Welcome – Michael LaBounty
  • Approval of last meetings minutes – Jenn Zollinger
  • Welcome and introduction of our new principal – Curtis Spencer
  • Land Trust and Teacher Student Access Act (TSSA) – Curtis Spencer
  • Principal Update – Curtis Spencer
  • Counseling Center – Alishia Huefner
    • Suicide Prevention presentations
    • 7th grade Meet and Greet
    • 7th grade Career Day
    • 8th grade Job Shadow
    • 9th grade Resumes and Job Interviews
    • 9th grade Welcome to High School presentations
  • Election for new Co-Chair
  • Schedule next meeting