End of 1st Semester/2nd Quarter

Welcome back from Winter Break! It was a cold day, and there are many more cold days in the forecast. We know it’s not cool to wear coats when you’re in middle school, but if we have a fire drill (yes, that’s a hint) or something else in the near future that requires students to be outside unexpectedly, the temperature is bordering on dangerous if you don’t have a coat. Students have lockers assigned to them if they need a place to store it during the day.

We have several upcoming things to be aware of as parents:

First, the end of 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester is next week on January 14th. Please have your student do whatever they need to do for the grade they want now and not next week. Deadlines for late work and large projects often land this week and not next week, so looking at grades now instead of at the end of the term is especially important. We’ve asked teachers to go over what can and can’t be made up, upcoming deadlines, etc. now with students as well so that there is no confusion.

Second, we will be heading into some of the preparation for next year shortly after 1st semester ends. This primarily means course selection. If you want to start the conversations with your student about what classes they are interested in, it can avoid the last-minute panic of selection during the week or two of course selection toward the end of the month. The information on our website will be updated in the next week or two so that you can start exploring early.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be sending out more time-sensitive information over the coming weeks. For now, just get things wrapped up and where you want them grade-wise for the 1st semester. If you have any questions about a class or grade, it’s much better to reach out now while there is still time to do something about it.