Community Council


Elk Ridge

SCC Minutes

May 10, 2022

Meeting Started at 5:05 pm

Members in Attendance: Principal Jenson, School Counselor Mr. Bennett, Shannon Bird, Mindi Allen, Marianne Dwyer, and Kelly Adams

Approving Minutes from last meeting: Marianne first, Shannon second for approval

Land Trust Plan Approval:

Most of the money goes to Instructional Coaching for the teachers.

Also, TSI (Targeted School Improvement), money spent on sub groups that don’t do well on testing to help them improve. 

TSSA Approval:

Most of this money is spent on Chromebooks.  Some money is spent on the school store, and a few gaming computers for a new gaming club.

We discussed the Bangerter intersection update.  They will be taking the highway under the intersection, and building a new bridge for students crossing.  Main construction will begin Spring 2023.  The main concern is that the bridge will not be ripped out until the end of the school year, and hopefully rebuilt before the next year starts.

There will no longer be free lunch next year.  

Counselor Bennett: Update from the counseling department.  9th graders just finished their trip to Bingham to see the CTE programs.  They have their mock interviews and resumes coming up on May 26.

7th graders have PCCR’s coming up.  Parents are invited.  Will held May 20 or 27th in the CCA class.

AP testing currently underway.

Kelly Adams will continue to be our president next year.  

5:34 Adjourn