COVID-19 Wally the Wapiti

No ETA on Memory Books

Well, it’s been a few weeks since we last updated everyone on memory books. There’s a good reason, namely that we don’t really have any updates. Lifetouch assures us they are doing everything they can to get them to us ASAP, but that term has come to mean less ‘as soon as possible’ and more ‘as soon as possible but with no real idea of whether or not it will actually be soon at all.’

That said, we’re still crossing our fingers (which is starting to hurt because they’ve been crossed for so long), and we’ll absolutely keep you posted the second we hear anything.

Until then, keep your chins up, your noses clean, and your systems free of viral infections. We miss you all, and look forward to the new school year. Whatever it brings, at least it brings us forward together.