COVID-19 Skylert

Virtual Learning Instructions, Musical Announcement

Elk Ridge Parents & Students,

Thank you for your patience as we work through yet another COVID-driven change. We are making every effort to keep things as simple and unchanged as we can for students.

While we are learning virtually until Thanksgiving Break, three things are most important:

  1. The Bell Schedule Stays the Same
    1. Students will follow the same bell schedule as they normally would – including lunches.
  2. All Coursework and Videos Can Be Accessed Via Canvas
    1. Even if the course uses another platform, access to video links and any secondary platform will be linked in Canvas.
  3. Exposure Notifications & Quarantines Will Be Sent Via Email
    1. We will continue to have positive cases reported by the health department, and will trace those cases if the student was in school while positive. Notifications will be sent via email, so please check your spam folder. All notifications will come from

More detailed information on each of those things, including free rapid COVID testing, can be found below. Please also do what you can to slow the spread of COVID in our school community so that we can return to in-person learning as soon as possible.

Musical Announcement

The announcement of this year’s musical is coming tonight! Check this page later this evening to find out what it will be, and thank you to Mrs. Schmidt and her dedication to finding creative ways to ensure our students are able to participate in one of Elk Ridge’s greatest traditions!

Bell Schedule and Attendance

Students will access class at the normal time via Canvas. Attendance will be taken.

Accessing Courses Virtually

All courses will have a link to the video in the actual Canvas classroom at the top of the main page of each class. If you can’t access a class, contact the school. Students should plan to go to their class in Canvas each day for instructions and the link to class video calls. Students know how to do this.

Teachers will be live with class each day at the scheduled time via the video at the regular class time. While the whole time will usually not be in the video call, they will start each class checking in live. 

Please be patient the first day of class on Monday as we set up calls and links and work out technical issues. If you have issues, reach out to your teacher or call the school and we’ll help you get connected. Again, students have been trained for weeks in how to access their courses and materials in Canvas and they know where to go and how to get there. If we hit bumps, we’ll work with you to iron them out.

Exposure, Quarantine and Testing

Exposure notifications will be sent via email, but you are welcome to call if you have questions. Information regarding free rapid testing, quarantine protocol, etc. will be included in the notification. If you have any questions about an exposure that happened at school, please let us know. We can’t name the exposure or say which class, but can relay the date and whether or not it was a masked exposure.

Lunch Offerings

Elk Ridge offers curbside lunch for virtual students throughout the districtall year, and that is offered between 11 am and 12 pm on the west side of the school. If students are attending virtual classes, parents are able to pick up meals without the student present. 

If your student plans to eat school lunch between now and Thanksgiving, and won’t be able to pick it up between 11 am and 12 pm because they are in class virtually, email to ensure we know to plan another time for pickup. This will mainly apply to students on A or D lunch eating school lunch that plan to walk to school to pick it up. We’ll do whatever we need to do to make sure they can eat.

Staying Sane at Home

The Jordan Health and Wellness team has put together a great bunch of resources to help keep you well while we’re learning from home. Visit the COVID Health and Wellness page for tips, resources, and more!